OÜ Roomaja was established in 2004 with a goal to promote natural materials and to acknowledge their value and relevance to the environment. Our main activity’s are producing and selling reed board and reed mulch and selling reed mat and willow mat.

Environment-friendly reed board has been used in constructions for centuries. Nowadays, it is also used in gardening and design. Reed board was and is used for insulating walls and ceilings, and also for sound (acoustic) insulation. Using the right materials for building and repairing houses guarantees most of all a healthy environment for its occupants but also for the house itself. Reed board has, due to its qualities, found usage all over the world. That indicates people’s awareness of the need to preserve nature and to establish a healthy environment.

Reed mat is another natural elaboration material, used mainly under plaster in interiors, although, it could also be used as a decorative element in indoors as well as outdoors. Reed mat has been used as a base mat under plaster for centuries, which proves its efficiency and functionality.

Willow mat are mostly used as roll-fence, but could also be used as a decorative element.

OÜ Roomaja team is always willing to help and indoctrinate everyone interested in using environment-friendly products. We must remember that the environment we create today will surround our children tomorrow.

As an addition to selling the before mentioned products we also can recommend realizing the clay and lime plaster works and also the painting works with the natural paints by our partners.