Reed board is compressed reed entwined with zinc wires. Its measures are 2m x 0,6m, thickness 5 cm and 2,5 cm. Reed board has two usages – it can be installed as a base under plaster or in interior decoration.

Reed board is an environment-friendly material and has been used in construction for centuries. Nowadays it is used widely in gardening and design as well.

Reed board was and is used in insulating walls and ceilings (especially in wooden houses), and also for sound insulation (very good sound absorption). Boards are lime or clay plastered for fire safety. Reed board is good for using under plaster. Reed board has been used, for example, to cover a blockhouse, for insulating limestone manor houses, and as a base mat under plaster to keep it from cracking due to humidity. Reed board and traditional plasters ‘breathe’. Building and repairing a house with right materials assures its occupants` good health, excellent condition of the building itself and it is environment-friendly. Reed board is easy to install and work on.

Reed board field of usage is wide; it is, for example, possible to make window hatches, fences for houses, shelters in the garden.

Reed board has, due to its qualities, found usage all over the world. That indicates people’s awareness of the need to preserve nature and establish a healthy environment.