Reed board is easy to install on wooden surfaces (beam, planking). Reed board is fixed on the surface with nails (min. 90mm), hammering it nearby the wire, that runs alongside the board. Nails are hammered through the board into the wooden surface so that the nail head is 1-2.5cm from the board. Then the nail is hammered slantwise, to leave the tip of the nail on the wire. It is possible to use screws as well but it would then be necessary to use also discs and a metal "punch tape" to prevent the head of the screw from forcing into the reed board by the wire. 12-18 nails or screws are used to fix a board. Boards are fixed on stone walls by dowels (washers needed). Another opportunity is to build wooden framework alongside the wires and use nails or screws to fasten it.

Most easy to install the reed mat and willow mat is by clips, with the electrical clip pistol. Also can be installed by small nails at the places weaved with the wire.